Call Center Franchise Opportunity

The most unique offering in our product and service portfolio is the "NORBELL CALL CENTER FRANCHISE". We have identified a market demand to have all of the solutions made available as One Total Solution. Norbell has done so and branded it the "Call Center Franchise" solution.

A Brief Introduction - Norbell Call Center Franchise Business Opportunity

The term franchise comes from the French verb, franchir, meaning to free. It literally means a freedom of some burden or restriction. In modern commerce it has come to mean the right or privilege to conduct business under someone else's proprietary name and style.

Our solution will provide potential franchisees with a turnkey call center offering. All of the franchisees will also benefit from the purchasing power of Norbell.

Some key advantages of clients buying our call center franchise solution are know-how, volume discounts, name recognition, advertising, exclusive territory and much more. The initial investment for a start-up call center will be the investment in facilities, franchise fees, other start-up costs, advertising fees and royalties.

The immediate and exciting opportunities for the call center franchise service offering derived from various market trends and business needs, a few of which are mentioned below:

  • Many organizations recognize the value of a call center solution, however most find it very difficult to incorporate the required investment in time and resources into such an initiative. Furthermore, most organizations cannot effectively support an ongoing call center operation and post-implementation without jeopardizing the focus and management of their core business.

    This generates the opportunity to purchase a turnkey solution and associated value added services, including the on going management. We believe that this solution is the enabler for small to medium sized organizations to incorporate a call center solution into their strategic plans. This in turn, results in a significantly new market segment with huge opportunity.

  • To support and promote economic development in underdeveloped regions, the government of Canada is providing government subsidy and support to encourage call center startup businesses.

    In order to provide our VOA services and showcase to our customers the many options we deliver in implementing a world class call center we need to build a state of the are facility. Our plan is to build the first call center in Toronto downtown. Which will not only provide the necessary infrastructure and resources for the initial launch of services in May 2000, but also act as a Demo facility for customers to visit and see how a Call Center operates. Customers will also get an appreciation of every thing that come together in delivering a call center solution. This will assist our customers' decision-making process, as they will have all the facts and numbers on the franchise.